Wil Wheaton Trivializes Holocaust! With Porn!

In doing more research on how boys that look like this

fitted in too well to even talk to minorities in grade 3 and then they grew up to become Ron Paul supporters who sat in class with South Asians who felt genetically related to them, I made the mistake of looking at Wil Wheaton's blog.

What I saw was disturbing.

And Anti-Semitic.

Trivializing the Holocaust should be no laughing matter for Wheaton as the school boards and FacingHistory have already trivialized it in high schools across the nation.

He should be made to travel to the capital of all Jewdom, the New York Times, and apologize.

After Anne Frank died of typhus as a result of Allied saturation bombing

and good-looking kids made jokes about how she winded up in ovens, I find Wil Wheaton's tumblr post particularly tasteless.