What's Happening At Alt-Right Canada Headquarters Right Now...

"Was that a good blog post, Dr. Evil?"

"It's an excellent blog post: It shows that we care
about children and animals and
the elderly."

"What if Warren Kinsella reads it and finds out that our real goal
 is to take over the entire world and kill everyone 
who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes?"

"In the unlikely event that he reads it he might pull a
James Bond and find our secret underwater base,
complete with the doomsday device I was
telling you about, and destroy it."

*Warren Kinsella thought that 500 people were gay when he was growing up and only learned some more empathy for homosexuals when Mathew Sheppard was killed. Then it turned out that Mathew Sheppard was killed by his drug dealers. And then I can point out that the girls at my junior high school were fully capable of being racist and homophobic. And also that Warren Kinsella was attracted to other boys when he was in elementary school. Which is sort of gay.