Peter Akman: Toronto Hate Crime Snow Swastika Alert!

CTV's Peter Akman is a giant douche bag.

Is, 'Douche bag,' the correct term for a SJW reporter?

As 30 million died of AIDS the country was flooded with people from racist 3rd World shitholes and the schools boards and the media got kids worked up over how the Holocaust happened and Germans knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it to extend childhood developmental psychology.

After fitting in too well to make friends with minorities guys with A-averages that look like this...

sat in classes with beautiful blond women and South Asians that felt genetically related to them as they kept most of the black guys in remedial.

My question is if Peter Akman

went to school with Asians and had a romantic friendship with a blond girl when he was in grade 5 did he then become best friends with somebody who envied him? A fat blond guy or possibly a normal looking guy with brown hair, green-eyes, and freckles?

Pearl Jam Jeremy died because he had such terrible taste in best friends.

Asians boys in elementary school were overall attracted to

The only time Asian boys envied a boy with brown hair and eyes is when he had a blond girlfriend...

"Scully: I just found a valley full of vampires. Do
you want to camp out tonight with me
and I'll show you?"

"I'm not going camping with you, Mulder. I already
have a boyfriend. He lives in Vermont.
Maybe I'll talk to you on the phone

The X-Files is about an on and off relationship between two kids in grades 5 to 7.

By high school girls had a lot of contempt for the boys that had made friends with minorities in grade 2/3.

Did Peter Akman lash out at guys in high school because he couldn't get to second base with his girlfriend in grade 7 on account of who he was best friends with then?

Did he sit in class with pretty girls who had a lot of respect for him because they knew he wasn't a racist because of the way that he looked?

And when you go to elementary school with Asians it turns the boy that looks like Charlie Sheen white. Minorities interacted more with blonds, redheads, and boys with freckles.

Peter Akman should go dig up Adolf Hitler in a snowbank and write a story about it because as people come here from 3rd World shitholes so that we can have a long, long conversation about Nazi Germany and they can become victims of white supremacy, a lot happens on a subconscious level.

Akman could ask Steven Spielberg about that.

Also George Zimmerman...

Looks like he's from Mexico. He could be someone's POC ally at York University.

The Holocaust Museum Should Update Their Poem...

"First the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with green eyes, brown hair and freckles and I did not speak out because on a subconscious level I was disgusted by how when I was in grade 3 they only played with minorities.

Pearl Jam's Jeremy

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with dark eyes, black hair, pale skin and freckles and I did not speak out because I thought the fat guy who looked liked that was amusing.

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death other better looking boys with brown hair and freckles who were in remedial and I did not speak out because I was too busy figuring out that a redhead guy was gay because, on a subconscious level, I was disgusted by how when you add Asians to an elementary school the redheaded boy played with girls.

I didn't even notice when Seinfeld was a new show that there weren't any fat or tiny little black guys at my school because I was too busy watching Will Smith on TV. So I did not speak out."

Adolf Eichmann never picked up a gun and killed anyone. Neither did Spielberg or Ontario's teachers.



And Also...

In the year before Dylan Roof went on a shooting spree was he willing to hang around with a normal looking guy with freckles or a blond guy that was better looking than him, on a regular basis?

Breakdown of childhood development psychology.