I'm Breaking Off My Internet Friendship With Warren Kinsella

I took a look at Warren's blog and he's still going on about the Alt-Right and Nazis.

And he still even hates the KGB puppet president Donald Trump!

Warren sat his white ass at a Star Bucks in downtown Toronto fighting Neo Nazis that statistically didn't exist in 1994. I theorize that, like Justin Trudeau, he has never had a relationship with a woman of colour.

I have to side with Paul Fromm because he has inadvertently killed fewer teenagers than Kinsella.

Now let's have a moment of silence for all of the teens the school boards killed so Warren could live up his white privilege in downtown TO...

If you wanted to make the argument that you didn't judge other
guys based on the way that they looked when you 
were nine you must have had green
eyes and freckles.

This is what a heterosexual looks like when your 12. If you're a
gay redhead he'd impale you on something. Kids from
poor families who look like this were problematic for
the school boards just like Jews living on the
Eastern Front were problematic for Hitler.

Had a black girlfriend in grade 3. Lost his virginity to a girl
that looked like Lena Dunham at 14. 

For some reason the normal looking boys who had hung 
around with the guys in the previous 
two photos, when they were
12, think he's gay by 
the time they're 18.

As an Alt-Right redhead I would like to specify that I am not gay.

But if Warren wants to reconsider his position on the Alt-Right he can call me at any time.

Here's to you, Warren...