Breaking News: Toronto Little Muslim Girl Hijab Scissor Attack Did Not Happen!

It turns out that there was no little Muslim girl who had her hijab cut off with scissors by a Neo Nazi Asian man.

Suspect in hijab scissor attack was described as,
'Asian man.'

It was all made up to divert your attention as thousands more people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery move here so that we can go on and on about Hitler and they can become victims of white supremacy.

Toronto was also recently rocked by vile snow swastika attacks which were reported by none other than CTV's top SJW reporter Peter Akman.

It now seems very likely to me that none other than Akman himself did the snow swastikas because it was a slow news day.

At least if this was a 3rd World country the police would be over at Akman's house roughing him up.

In other news Toronto is now officially a 3rd World country.