Former Toronto Mayor Nathan Phillips' Great-Grandson Takes A Baseball Bat And Goes Full-Adolf Hitler On Immigrants!

What you need to know:

-Nathan Phillips was a Jew.

-The school boards worked with Hollywood to extend childhood developmental psychology to kill all of those skinny boys with dark hair and freckles from poorer families, stigmatized because they had made friends with minorities first, for this...

From the CBC...

CBC News has learned the man charged in connection with a baseball bat attack on an immigrant family is a Toronto personal injury lawyer and the great-grandson of former Toronto mayor Nathan Phillips.

Mark Phillips, 36, was charged on Dec. 8 with aggravated assault and three counts of assault with a weapon in connection with the incident in the parking lot of a St. Thomas, Ont., strip mall.

The family said the man charged at them, unprovoked, before they recorded the confrontation on a cellphone, which has been widely circulated through news outlets and social media.