Laureen Harper Is Against Small Penises

She's Probably An Anti-Semitic Islamophobe, Too!

Canada's former first lady has accused Steve Ecklund of having a small penis.

We live in an age where going to university includes fighting fat shaming, the rise of new Hitler, and preventing transphobia.

You have to use correct pronouns to describe one of the 82 genders or you're worse than Adolf Hitler, TVO's Steve Paikin, or Hitler himself: Jordan Peterson.

Mrs. Harper's comments will no doubt result in some blowback.

China may recall its ambassador.

Her shot at Ecklund is exemplary of the shallow attitude society takes towards men with small penises.

They have existed throughout history...

From Nero and Maximinus Thrax down to more modern times: Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin Roosevelt -men have had small penises.

It's a little audacious of Laureen Harper to assume that the reason a man hunts is because of penis size.

In reality men go out into the woods and shoot at things because of women.