Canadians Want Ezra Levant To Become Hitler Of Canada

In 2015 Canadians kicked Stephen Harper out of office and elected an awful little boy as their Prime Minister.

This led many to speculate of the rise of a new Hitler that will restore Canada to its former glory.

After a Youtube video critical of Jews it looked like Gavin McInnes was on his way to give fiery speeches in beer halls and overthrow the government in a putsch.

But few knew that Gavin was a very, very gay man and when this video of him ordering a burger and fries was released he disappeared from public life...

My personal choice for Hitler of Canada is TVO's Steve Paikin. He gets paid 1/20th the amount of Mansbridge and he's on everyday for like 6 hours a night. After that he's ready for it.

But my comprehensive poll shows that Canadians want Ezra Levant to be Hitler...

I think that really sucks because Ezra is Jewish just like Richard Simmons, Harvey Weinstein, and Hannibal Lector.

Steve Paikin would be a better fit.

"Tonight on, 'The Agenda:' I'll be talking with Laureen Tomlinson who is in charge of ethical, environmental water supply system infrastructures for the collection, transmission,
 treatment, storage, and distribution of water for homes, commercial establishments, industry, and irrigation, as well as for such public needs as firefighting and street flushing."

"But first I'll be chatting with Rob Bay: A former premiere 
of Ontario??? That's funny: I don't recall any premieres 
named Rob Bay."

"My name's Bob Rae. I was the 21rst premiere of Ontario."

"I wrote the definitive book on Ontario premieres
and I don't remember any Rob Rays."

"BOB Rae. My name is Bob Rae. You know, I was the
first New Democrat premiere. Former federal
Liberal Party leader."

"And now my producer is signalling me to stop talking
to you."