Burn In Hell, Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton in hell, artist's conception

In Dante's Inferno murders and other miscreants are submerged in rivers of boiling blood.

Hopefully, Hell has far, far worse things in store for Wil Wheaton.

But today is a joyous day for me as Wheaton has blocked me on Twitter.

This reminds me of the other glorious day John Cusack blocked me.

John and I even had a real back and forth over why he had blocked me

And I said

"Is it because of my analysis that you resemble everybody from Charles Manson to the Aurora theatre shooter? http://www.hockey-sweater.com/2017/06/going-to-school-with-asians.html Maybe John Cusack has too much white privilege. Along with the rest of Hollywood."

Wil Wheaton now joins the growing list of people who have blocked me on Twitter.

There's Heather Mallick, for example, who blocked me for 

And the Toronto, Thames Valley, and Waterloo District School Boards who have blocked me for pointing out the time AIDS wasn't an accident and it's homophobia was downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair and freckles through rap music suddenly going mainstream and unlearning racism by going on and on about the Holocaust.

In conclusion fuck you, Wil Wheaton.