Answering Hate Mail

Somebody asked:

What dafuq did I just read?

People are too brainwashed to understand a simple concept: Kids in grade 1 to 3 lack empathy for each other.

Girls make fun of boys that don't fit in and it effects the way they act later in life. All of the political correctness in high school gave minorities a second childhood. Roosh, Jian Ghomeshi, and James Sears no doubt think that they were friends with blond girls and boys that resemble Justin Bieber when they were in grade 3.

Blond girls love being seen by their friends hanging around
with weird looking boys with dark complexions in 
grades 1 to 3. Lucky for them women often date
 the boys that they had hated 
later in life.

Instead they were friends with boys that looked like Pearl Jam's Jeremy. 

And they made jokes that ginger kids don't have friends or souls as we flooded the country with people from 3rd World shitholes and went on and on about Nazis and Hitler.