You Can't Point Out How Everybody's Brainwashed Without Being Called A Nazi

That's one of the ways people have been brainwashed.

I submitted my groundbreaking blog post, 'Women Cause All Wars,' under a revised title, 'Do (((They))) Cause All Wars? No: It's Girls Who Do That,' to Reddit.

This was one response that I got...

"fuck off nazi scum"

So I said...

Everybody's a Nazi to you.

When lots of terrorism happened in the 1980s and then went away for some reason in the 90s only to return in 2001, people in the 80s said let's flood the country with the 3rd World until there's no white people left. Then Nazi's came and said, "No. You can't do that: We believe in taking over the entire world and killing everyone who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes."

Very, very rudimentary. You, sir, are a square.

But then he said...

"fuck off"

I said...

Did I remember to send the, 'Don't be a square gif?' If I didn't HERE it is.