Remember How Warren Kinsella Chased RightWingGirl Out Of Town Because She Had Phoney References On A Résumé? I'm Now Using Warren As A Reference

A Question I Got On Reddit...

What the fucking fuck is this fuckstick trying to fucking say?

My answer...

You didn't answer my question. You did use the word fuck a lot.

When this movie came out it was popular with a lot of kids for many years. It encouraged poor kids with this complexion to dress up in black and become what was called 'Goth.'

In junior high school everybody in the same class tried to tolerate each other. It was the first time many poorer kids who didn't fit in felt popular.

The Goth boys went to high school expecting to still be popular. But other boys were coming in from other middle schools doing the same thing. Multiple groups of people had contempt for them and some of the teachers at Cameron Heights found the whole situation amusing.

In 1990 rap music went mainstream and, after all of the homophobia created by AIDS, blacks were cool and heterosexual.

The skinny goth boys were driven insane. People payed it forward and found the fatter boys with that complexion amusing.

Likewise, blond nerds with C averages went to middle school and acted like fruit and people thought it was funny. They entered high school and got torn apart.

South Asians weren't popular in grade 3. They hung around with boys with black hair and freckles and blond nerds. All the political correctness in high school gave them a second childhood. They ranted and raved about how redheads and better-looking boys with green eyes were jealous of them and as the Goth boys and blond nerds went insane they'd rape them.

And that's how the Waterloo District School Board created gay positive South Asian computer science majors and doctors. You should ask Warren Kinsella about it. He sues people with crazy anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He also has 'Cultural Marxist' friends. He should ask them. They'll know.