When #Edu Worked With Hollywood To Kill

A psychology teacher asked: "Kids killed by what? By you using a twitter hashtag?"

Really? Really? Did I say Twitter hashtags kill 
anywhere in my blog?

So I said...

Exactly. That's what I'm saying in my blog. 

Killed by a number of things.

Girls are disgusted with boys in grades 1 to 3. As they grow up they have contempt for boys, which is largely forgotten.

If you have contempt for somebody because you think they're a loser you're not doing anything wrong.

Minorities were incredibly unpopular with normal looking boys in grades 1 to 3. Many people think boys that resemble Justin Bieber make friends with minorities first.

Instead minorities interact with blonds, redheads, and boys with freckles first.

If Will Smith was in my grade 2 class he'd be friends with a boy that looked like Andy Dick.

A boy who looked like this

would fit in at the expense of a boy that looked like this

By junior high school both would think that they're popular.

In the 90's, after all of the homophobia AIDS created, rap music went mainstream and blacks were cool and heterosexual. And we unlearned racism by going on and on about the Holocaust.

Multiple groups of people took apart the better-looking boys who didn't fit in. Which is what happened to Pearl Jam's Jeremy. 

And, as I said, if you have contempt for somebody you're not doing anything wrong.

In grade 3 girls were attracted to a boy that looked like this

They'd fly into a rage and hate this boy

Or this boy

Or any other boy that didn't fit in.

When rap music went mainstream white guys acted like girls in grade 3. After being attracted to unusually good-looking guys and fearing that they were gay for it, they emulated blacks. With their new found coolness and morality for identifying with blacks after having done racism to South Asians, they had contempt for the boys that had made friends with minorities first.

They paid it forward and backward, letting fatter guys with freckles get away with anything. And after years of that you now have openly gay teens.

So on Twitter I like saying things like, "AIDS, drug abuse, teen suicide = Hollywood and #edu killed more than Stalin."

See: It's not Twitter hashtags that killed all of those kids. That would be stupid.