How Teen LGBT Really Got Started

After hanging around with a redheaded boy here and there off of school property in grade 1 and then becoming best friends with this boy in grade 2...

A South Asian

Can go to high school and sit in class with pretty blond girls.

Girls outperform boys at school.

One of the reasons why is because everyone knows that they were anti-racists in elementary school.

High school year books were low quality and in black and white

as people's fear of blond hair disappearing forever as we flood the country with immigrants was shifted into having contempt for the better-looking boys who had made friends with minorities first.

Most of this happens on a subconscious-level. Kids have contempt for each other as they grow up, which is largely forgotten.

And AIDS created a lot of homophobia and many white boys feared that they were gay when it was normal for them to envy and resent each other as they grew up.

Kids aren't born with empathy.

Having had tormented boys in grade 3, girls knew that it was the boys who were racist in elementary school. They let the boys that they had hated fit in at the expense of the ones that they had previously liked.

People, on a subconscious-level, were disgusted by the first kids to make friends with blacks

And were disturbed with how a redhead boy made friends with a black girl.

Going to school with Asians made the redhead stand out so some girls were attracted to him and then he freckled and they hated him. So he had made friends with someone the girls also hated.

Boys with brown hair, green eyes, and freckles like blacks because all of the girls in a grade 3 class want boys with that complexion dead at one time or another. Making friends with blacks confused the girls and he'd get left alone.

While girls outperformed boys at school boys who looked like this

did well, too.

Girls had been neutral towards normal-looking boys.

Boys that girls weren't attracted or repulsed by in grade 1 to 3 rode a high as rap music went mainstream and we unlearned racism by going on and on about Hitler.

Boys that looked like

rode that high.

They became increasingly conservative

as they sat in class with South Asians and Arabs who had forgotten that they had been made fun of by girls and envied them because they hadn't.

And guys watched Will Smith on TV and overestimated how many black friends they had. Most of the blacks at my high school were kept in remedial.

Girls are neutral to normal-looking Asian boys so the Asians would rather have been friends with boys with blue eyes or blond hair.

The white boys were vain and self-conscious with the extra attention that they got growing up.

Nobody was openly gay at my high school.

When I graduated the valedictorian was a fat guy with brown hair and green eyes who was covered in boils. He was inarticulate and temperamental.

My classes were funny: I didn't know who this valedictorian was until he was in my class in the final term of grade 13.

And white kids didn't know that mass immigration was beginning to take place and they'd become a minority within 100 years.

I lived downtown, near my school. All of the people I knew who were in advanced except for one girl were being bused in from the suburbs.

There were two redheads: Both wore glasses; one was fat and the other was scrawny and breathed through his mouth, who went on to the local university.

They had forgotten the black football players and guys like Jian Ghomeshi that they had been friends with in grade 2.

Guys wanted to be envied so they left the uglier boys alone and realized that the better-looking redhead envied them.

Going to school with Asians had made the better-looking redhead popular with good-looking blond guys in elementary school.

And South Asian guys sat in class realizing that they had been best friends with boys that looked like Justin Bieber and blond girls when they were in grade 2 and that a redhead or boys with dark hair and freckles were jealous of them.

In high school you have different groups of people who don't know or like each other. With different groups oblivious to each other ranting and raging or going on about a person behind their back they were supposed to go crazy. Pearl Jam's Jeremy shot himself in the head.

And many of the teachers were as bad as the students.

And the teachers at Cameron Height sent their kids to the whitest schools.

In Canada they'd say that the media doesn't report on suicide to prevent copycats and then the first teen suicide I saw in the news was blamed on homophobic bullying...

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