Denying The Gayness Of Your Childhood

I need to argue with more people on Reddit for more blog material.

In one argument I said...

"...Boys aren't really gay or straight. All humans are attracted and repulsed by each other. Boys are attracted to each other as they grow up..."

And I got the response...

"Maybe you were, buddy, but most of us were not."

And he went on to say that my argument that boys who freckle make friends with minorities first is untrue using the logic that everybody got along with each other at his elementary school.

I said...

"Ofcourse: When you were eight you were a heterosexual?

Also, while you know everyone in your class personally from grades 4 to 6 and they generally tolerated each other, people overestimate how many friends that they had. If you were popular you had 2 or 3 friends when you were in grade 5.

Guys overestimated how many friends that they had growing up. In grade 6 and junior high school a kid's friends are the people they hang around with for three hours daily. Later on those are the ones who had affected them.

But do tell! Which boy did you like in grade 4?


And instead of coming to terms with the fact that he was a fag worse than even Anderson Cooper in elementary school, he turned around and denied having any friends at all...

"...I hated all my elementary school classmates, and didn't really get along with anyone from age 7 until I was in high school. I. Deeply. Resented. Going. To. School. For. 8. Hours. Per. Day. With. Retards. Who. Read. Aloud. Like. This..."

There's hope, though. I remember a year ago, before I was shadow banned, from r/The__Donald, I submitted a post entitled, 'Women Are Bitches, Men Are A Bunch Of Fags, Asian Girls Are Fuck Ups.'

It got upvoted.

And, in closing, at least I didn't get called a pedo.