Daily Reminder That Warren Kinsella And Women Were Nazis In Grade 2

Daily reminder that before I started a glorious scorched earth policy of harassing Warren Kinsella over the internet, he thought that boys that look like this...

Became best friends with minorities in grade 3.

A lot of people think that.

It's because boys who look like that aren't stigmatized.

With all of the political correctness in school people learn that grade 2 is just like grade 12: You're only smaller.

Boys are best friends with each other: If you're a university educated woman who went to school in the 1990s who's the guy that you know who looks like this...

Who had an 80+ average and spent 3 hours a day hanging around with a 1rst generation Asian?

Is there one?

People were disgusted by the types of kids who made friends with minorities first, when they were smaller and less cool. Especially girls. And Warren Kinsella.

And, if they took a boy in grade 3 who has brown hair, green eyes, and freckles and locked him in a gymnasium for a day with 30 pretty blond girls they'd probably kill him. Asexual, girls at that age are only attracted to boys with perfect complexions. The ones who had been infatuated with a redhead with no freckles would hit the boy with green eyes especially hard.

Crazy sadistic bitches. And those girls grow up to become teachers, nurses, and fans of Justin Trudeau.

It's no wonder I'm an Alt-Right blogger.

After being a bunch of racists when you were in grade 2 do you want me to put up a Nazi flag so that you assholes can feel good about yourselves?

Here's to you, Warren...

There was a lot of terrorism in the 1980s. For some reason it went away during the 1990s and then came back in 2001. When this happened in 1988...

Canadians said lets flood the country with the third world because it would be Hitler if we don't.