Blowback From My Groundbreaking 'Denying The Gayness Of Your Childhood' Article

After releasing, 'Denying The Gayness Of Your Childhood,' to probably soon to be published rave reviews from the New Yorker, I only got called a pedo a few times.


AIDS homophobia is one of the ways people were brainwashed.

In the 1990s rap music went mainstream. And many white kids started acting black.

One of the reasons blacks were considered so masculine is because nobody's attracted to them in grade 3.

And all boys are attracted and repulsed by each other growing up.

So after being attracted to this boy in junior high school

and fearing they were gay for it, guys proved that they were straight by dressing up like this

I should add that, I myself, was never attracted to another boy while I was growing up. It's because I'm more of an android built on the secret Nazi base in Antarctica and sent here to drive Warren Kinsella crazy.

But all of you humanoids were. Calling me a pedo isn't going to make up for it. Disgusting. Wanting good-looking friends when you were in grade 4? Bunch of perverts.

Before Warren met me on the internet he was under the impression that boys who look like this

who were from wealthy families made friends with minorities in grades 2/3.


If you think that a boy who looks like this

made friends with minorities first it proves you were a genocidal, racist Neo Nazi when you were in grades 1 to 3. Kids spend an entire day with each other and when the teacher's not around they often want each other dead.

And the first kids to befriend minorities were stigmatized.

Like Pearl Jam's Jeremy.

What Jeremy Delle really looked like

Now proving that the bitch Spielberg won the war brainwashing people and killing far more than 6 million, I got this message...

A gay writes...

"So idk about this post (tbh it does seem kinda pedo-like...), but I read your other one, saying that if girls call us ugly, we end up liking men.

Both girls and boys called me ugly and still do to this day. Why do I like men? Many of the men I like think I'm ugly as fuck. Why? Also, I have freckles and I don't befriend minorities at all. Then again, I also wanna get my freckles removed."

Something so poignant could only be from the CBC's Rick Mercer.

I responded...

That's probably not what I'm saying in my blog at all.

What I'm saying is that everything about childhood developmental psychology was suppressed. What people remember of grade 1 to 3 is most usually contrived.

Asexual, girls are only attracted to perfect looking boys with bright hair or blue eyes.

If girls are attracted to you or repulsed by you in grade 2 you'd be toxic to the other boys. They get off on the fact that they fit in.

The kid with pale skin and blue eyes: If he freckled, with so many girls paying attention to him, they'd make fun of him. He'd suddenly go from being the best looking to the ugliest boy.

Male minorities were so unpopular with good-looking kids when I was in grade 3 that's how they got friends. I'm not saying that because you, yourself, have freckles that means you have a lot of friends who aren't white. I'm talking elementary school.

But while there are many different reasons why some men are gay I think we can safely assume that one of the biggest ones is women. Specifically Heather Mallick.