AIDS ==> Rap + Holocaust Studies ==> Jeremy

Somebody asked...

So just to be clear:

AIDS ==> Rap + Holocaust studies ==> Jeremy

Is that your argument?

After the homophobia AIDS created, in the 1990s rap went mainstream. At my high school people flew into a rage at skinny boys with dark hair and freckles. They often paid it forward letting fat guys get away with anything.

Minorities weren't popular in grades 2 or 3: They played with redheads, other boys with freckles, blond nerds, and fat kids from the poorest families. That left many stigmatized.

Those kids would go to junior high school and feel popular as they met others coming in from different schools. They'd then enter high school thinking they were popular/funny and get torn apart.

In the early 90s kids suddenly saw straight characters on TV acting gay. There's Seinfeld, In Living Color, and just look at this..

That's ridiculous!

Name a TV show from 1984 to 90 that was like that.

That led to an upsurge in guys acting gay as a joke.

People were conditioned to believe that everyone got treated the same. Normal looking redheads and normal looking black guys could act gay; blonde nerds could not.

The suicide rate for black teens went up 50% in the 90s as the better looking blacks liked the attention they got and were tired of having had hung around with blacks that didn't fit in in the 80s. They fag baited blacks that didn't fit in out of high school.

And then there's all of the rape.

It's complicated.

But also Spielberg and #edu killed Jeremy.