There Are Still People On The Internet Who Think That Hitler Is Bad!

I found a subreddit devoted to badmouthing Adolf Hitler called Forwards From Hitler.

So I submitted a link:  Holocaust Denial Is So Bad They're Just Making Stuff Up Now

Here's the feedback I got:

"lol did you not realize this is a place to make fun of nazis"

"You're an idiot and truly disgusting."

"We make fun of NAZIS here. Y'all are disgusting. The Holocaust happened. Jews were gassed. Jews died. We will remember that."

"go to the doctor"

My responses:

Nazis are how people were brainwashed. In 1990 white 12-year-olds said let's flood this country with East Indians and Arabs and get rid of blue eyes forever! Then the Nazis came and said, "No. You can's do that!" In the 1990s there was nobody who was openly gay at my high school and there also wasn't any Nazis. After everybody did racism when they were in grade 3 suddenly rap music was mainstream and people wanted to have an argument with a Nazi. Pearl Jam's Jeremy put a bullet in his head because he was the type of boy that made friends with blacks before they were cool.

After AIDS homophobia how did Canada get gay positive through mass 3rd World immigration while going on and on about the Holocaust? What's disgusting is the amount of unreported teen suicide that went into that.

But Churchill's friend Stalin killed more people in peace time than Churchill starved to death in India. What does exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler have to do with ending racism and flooding white countries with the 3rd World?

If I'm a racist I'm still less racist than the people in the countries we get our immigrants from. How did we get gay positive while flooding ourselves with people from these places, anyway?

And here's a late entry...

"Guys! This post is gold, something something mass immigration caused homosexuality in canada and churchill and Stalin and pearl jam and 12 years old white kids are with (((them))). Can someone screenshot this and post it here please?"


I know! It's crazy, isn't it? All of the homophobia AIDS created made it impossible for any teen to be openly gay in high school in 1994. If you're a skinny blond guy all of the Asians in your class were attracted to you between grades 1 to 4. Then by high school you were more interested in how other white guys were gay.