I Have The Worst Website On The Internet!


I got another insightful comment:

"Getting freckles in grade 3 is worse than having bad acne when you're a teen. Kids with freckles don't want to be friends with each other at first so they make friends with non-whites.
you might have the worst website on the internet, congrats"

What? Even worse than CNN?

My response...

My statement that you quoted is absolutely true.

Pearl Jam's Jeremy had brown hair/green eyes/and freckles.

In the 1990s I didn't know what a ginger was to describe hair colour.

The redheaded boys worst enemy in grade 3 is a boy with Jeremy D's complexion. Girls made fun of boys that don't fit in and they'd take it out on each other.

Boys who hate each other often become friends later on.

Both the redheaded kid and the boy with green eyes/freckles would rather hang around with minorities than each other in grade 3.

We unlearned racism by going on and on about the Holocaust. Now you have ginger jokes: Ginger's don't have friends or souls.

People have since forgotten that boys with Jeremy's complexion existed.

When I graduated from high school the valedictorian of my high school was a fat guy with brown hair/green eyes/and he was covered with boils.

I never had a class with somebody so ugly before.

People payed it forward and backwards, taking apart the better looking boys with dark hair and freckles who were from poorer families. They then went on to figure out the better looking redhead was gay.