It's Important For LGBT To Realize That What Allows Them To Be Gay Is How Shaun Majumder Likes White Women

The native people of Japan are the Ainu. Nobody cares about that. When the Olympics was in Beijing nobody bothered to go there to hand out gay literature. There are currently thousands of Afghans on death row in Iran on petty drug charges. Maybe America should go to war with Iran to move more people into Europe.

Minorities weren't popular with good-looking kids when I was in grade 3. Girls are disgusted with boys. When Shaun Majumder was in grade 3 his best friend looked something like this...

He doesn't remember that because he envied the boys girls didn't make fun of...

After having been made fun of by girls in grade 3 South Asian guys sat in class in high school and learned about how Hitler wanted to kill them, in a room full of blond women and feeling genetically related to guys who look like this...

While white guys who fit in were interested in how other white guys were gay.

When I was in high school they kept almost all of the blacks in remedial. The people in advanced didn't even notice.

A redhead boy in grade 3 will become friends with a black girl. Everybody-the girls, Asians, and other boys-were disgusted with the first kid to befriend blacks.

By high school women know that they're nice. What was important to forming LGBT after all of the homophobia AIDS created is that women payed it forward and backward: They let the boys they had hated fit in at the expense of the boys that they had liked in grades 1 to 3.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created in 1991 rap music went mainstream. Suddenly blacks were very hetero and white kids envied their masculinity.

In 1991 Jeremy D. killed himself infront of his grade 10 English class. He had brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. People had turned on the better-looking boy who had made friends with blacks before they were cool.

Around the same time a black teacher at my high school named Mark Seupersaud joked with other teachers that if you're a male minority and there's three redheads in your grade 3 class you have to hang around with the ugliest one and that normal looking boys wouldn't even talk to you.