AIDS Probably Wasn't An Accident

There's A Guy On Reddit Who Isn't Attracted To Boys!

He even said

I sorted that out right away...

Wow! That's a very heterosexual response! You must be proud of yourself for being able to come up with that.

However, all humans are attracted and repulsed by each other. If you weren't attracted to other boys when you were growing up all of your friends must have been fat. It's okay and very het of you to enjoy the company of so many ugly people.

When I went to an all white camp as a kid boys actually showered naked together.

Going to school with minorities made white boys vain and self-conscious.

In elementary school the minorities paid attention to the white kids and the white kids didn't pay much attention to them.

I didn't know what a ginger was to describe hair color in the 1990s. How many redheads died since minorities prefer blonde hair growing up?

You didn't answer my question on which boy you were attracted to.

Every single boy would rather be friends with the one with blue eyes over the kid with freckles. Hence when you were a kid you were attracted to him. Educators know that. AIDS wasn't an accident. Go back to amazing yourself by being het. Blue eyes will disappear in 300 years.