Warren Kinsella Called Me An Asshole!

I was up all night crying.

I left a comment on his blog making light of who invented his car. Famous German inventor Adolf Hitler, known for also having pioneered the sex doll, created the VW Beetle. He was also a painter and an aspiring architect. He may have done some other stuff but my memory fails me right now.

And Warren Kinsella drives a Volkswagen Beetle. Invented by the very same Hitler. I left a comment pointing out that he drives a car invented by Hitler right here and he changed it.

I could make light of how the definition of white privilege is Warren Kinsella sitting at a Starbucks in downtown Toronto writing his little blog as the school boards worked with their friends in Hollywood to kill skinny boys with freckles from poor families to convince people that rich kids that looked like this

or this

or this

or this 

Were best friends with black people in grade 3. 

but today I am not going to do that. For I am a bigger man than Warren Kinsella. Who can be petty. And also drives a car invented by Adolf Hitler.

But now let's have a moment of silence for all of the kids that Warren inadvertently killed when, after all of the homophobia AIDS created, Hollywood turned up the volume on rap music and unlearning racism became about exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler. Who built Warren Kinsella's car.

Stigmatized for hanging around with blacks in grade 3.
How soon we forget: If you're an anti-racist
white woman you were disgusted by how
boys that looked like this made friends with
blacks first.

Befriended a black girl in grade 3 leaving
everyone including the Asians disturbed.
Maybe the reason Asians do so well
at school is because they're racists
in grade 3?

And they killed boys who looked like 
Gary Coleman. With their new found
coolness the black guys at my school
who dressed like Public Enemy
laid into blacks that didn't fit
in when it was 1990 and
this was suddenly on TV...

Seinfeld ofcourse. But et tu Frasier?

Suddenly it was the 1990s and

Name a sitcom that was made between 1985 and 1990 that was this lewd with a straight character acting gay?