Going To School With Asians Marginalized The Students: What My Grade 3 Class Looked Like...

Friends with each other in grade 3...

Normal looking boys got off on the fact that they fit in.

Girls influenced what boy befriended what boy 100%.

Boys that looked like Justin Bieber didn't make friends with minorities in grade 3.

A boy who didn't fit in would have more friends in grade 1. That number would decline by grade 3 as kids got over how ugly each other were. As they matured by grade 4 it would go up again.

Wil Wheaton's picture is here 3 times. Boys that looked like Wheaton fit in and got off on the fact that they fit in. It's here to signify that Wheaton would be best friends with boys that looked exactly like him in grade 3. If girls are attracted to a boy or disgusted with how ugly he is, Wheaton would avoid that boy.

Wil Wheaton's photo is also with the pics of the Aurora and the Charleston church shooter to show that a lot of people who've committed violent crime fit in. When I was in school guys who looked like this and had A-averages became increasingly conservative.

Also somebody should alert Trump that Wheaton is probably a ticking time bomb just waiting to happen. Just look at the above chart.

When I become Hitler of Canada I pledge to put Wheaton in a work camp on Baffin Island along with Seth Rogen, Lena Dunham, and that bitch Spielberg and if that redheaded freak Churchill were to attack with his giant death bombers, may God have mercy on their souls.


A boy that looks like this is very likely to become best friends with the boy in class that looks the most like him. Again it's because they'd both get off on how the same people like them both. He'd usually fit in too well with other boys that resemble Justin Bieber to play with girls. Not playing with girls or minorities in grade 3 would mean that he's not stigmatized and more popular in high school then...

By grade 3 there were two good-looking blond guys in my class who hanged around with each other all the time and everybody in the class was disgusted if they were seen playing with girls. By grade 3 the blond guys had grown tired of hanging around with the one redhead in class because he's made friends with

The only black girl in class. Going to school with Asians made some girls attracted to the redhead and then he freckled so then they all hated him. Only the one black girl in class would be attracted to a redhead with freckles.

By the time I was 13 or 14 this boy

went out of his way to be nice to boys that were picked on

While the redheaded felt sorry for girls that didn't fit in. As the school boards worked with their friends in Hollywood to mess with developmental psychology.

Somebody in Hollywood eventually made a movie to cover for all the blond nerds with C-averaged and skinny goth boys who became popular for the two years of junior high school and then were driven crazy as they started high school as multiple groups of people coming in from other schools tore them apart.

They'd get raped by older South Asians with high averages as the S. Asians reverted back into childhood and sexually assaulted the types of guys they were friends with in grade 3.

Boys who looked like this

Were friends with

(black hair/freckles)


Other boys with dark hair and freckles and nerdy blond guys with higher averages/from richer families were always better off/more popular/less inclined to be picked on.

And Antifa and women continue to make up for all of the racism they did in grade 3.