Translating Avery Haines' MacLean's Article On Richard Spencer

"I met Richard Spencer in Cleveland. The man now making international headlines for his rousing 'Hail Trump' speech to his alt-right brethren, some of whom returned in kind with arms outstretched in Nazi salutes, was standing in a public square with a handmade sign that read: Wanna talk to a racist?"

Translation: Richard Spencer is Hitler, who wanted to takeover the entire world and kill everyone who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes. As we flood all of the European countries with the unracist 3rd World, I'm going to use words like, 'White Supremacy' 18 times in each article I write. 

"The way I remember it, he hit on me. He invited me to a Republican National Convention after-party, gave me his phone number and his email address. Charming and confident, I snapped a picture of him standing alongside Mel as he unwittingly posed with a woman he didn’t know was both Jewish and my wife."

Translation: If he had known she was a Jew he would have said (in horror): "A Jew? A Jew? OMG! OMG! OMG!" Then he'd vomit and rush home and take a long shower to prevent getting HIV. 

More of her opportunistic article can be found somewhere on the Maclean's website. I could provide a link to it but yeah.

It wasn't too long ago that Avery Haines was Hitler, herself. She was once employed reading the news for CTV. In 2000 she made a mistake and, not realizing that she was still on the air, joked: "It's like equal opportunity, right? We've got a stuttering newscaster. We've got the black, we've got the Asian, we've got the woman. I could be a lesbian, folk-dancing, black woman stutterer. What's that? In a wheelchair ... with a gimping, rubber legs. Yeah, really. I'd have a successful career, let me tell you."

She will spend the rest of her life making up for that.

Apparently Ms. Haines is now a lesbian. I don't know what upper middle class high school that she went to but it probably wasn't one where educators worked with Hollywood to kill kids to create the idea that when you flood Ontario with the 3rd World vibrancy happens and everyone gets gay positive.

Avery Haines and Heather Mallick 1980s