Holocaust Denial Is So Bad They're Just Making Stuff Up Now

Let's see what's in the paper today...

"As an Army sergeant and Harvard Law grad, Ferencz was among the troops who liberated Nazi death camps." - Chicago Tribune

Nazi Death Camps?

Where are these death camps Americans liberated? Narnia? Kathmandu? Or are they now claiming credit for having invading Poland?

There was no mass gassings of Jews within the borders of Germany proper. Let's check with Wikipedia...

"Bergen-Belsen...Initially this was an 'exchange camp', where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German prisoners of war held overseas...Overcrowding, lack of food and poor sanitary conditions caused outbreaks of typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever and dysentery, leading to the deaths of more than 35,000 people in the first few months of 1945, shortly before and after the liberation.

Dachau...Built intending to hold political prisoners... In the last months of the war, the conditions deteriorated...Typhus epidemics became a serious problem as a result of overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, insufficient provisions, and the weakened state of the prisoners."

You might have seen this movie in high school when educators got students worked up over how, when the Holocaust was happening, Germans just sat idly around letting it happen.

It even shows the phony gas chambers the US army built...

Plus Wikipedia on the Americans sending Russian prisoners back to the USSR from Dachau...

"The occupants of one barracks rioted as 271 of the Russian deserters were to be loaded onto trains that would return them to Russian-controlled lands, as agreed at the Yalta Conference. Ten of the soldiers, who had been captured in German Army uniforms, committed suicide during the riot. Twenty-one others attempted suicide, apparently with razor blades. Many had "cracked heads" inflicted by 500 American and Polish guards, in the attempt to bring the situation under control. Inmates barricaded themselves inside and set fire to the building, tore off their clothing, and linked arms to resist being removed from the building. Some begged American soldiers to shoot them. Tear gas was used by the soldiers before rushing the building."

Maybe if the Human Rights Commission were to come after me I'll just have to admit that 6 million Jews were gassed in Eastern Poland and another 6 million were gassed within Germany.

What's that Montel Williams?

Talk show host Montel Williams did an episode on Holocaust denial. In his opening remarks he says that 6 million Jews died - Some of starvation, others of typhus, and others were gassed.

But I thought when I was in high school 9 million were systematically gassed! It was 6 million Jews and 3 million miscellaneous. Is Montel Williams in cahoots with David Irving?

The world is a complicated place but WW2 was an episode of Star Wars.

The world is a complicated place but WW2 was an episode of Star Wars.