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Somebody asked: "I don't understand. Could someone explain this to me?"

When I was in high school they had advanced and general (remedial). People thought that boys that looked like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen, who are from wealthy families and had A averages, made friends with minorities first (in grade 1 to 4). It's because they don't. They're not stigmatized.

In the 2000s you suddenly had Ginger jokes: Gingers don't have friends or souls.

Minorities were so unpopular in grade 2 or 3 a redhead was the best-looking kid that was willing to hang around with them on a regular basis.

Boys with brown or black hair and freckles who were from poorer families made friends with minorities at the highest rate.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created in the 1990s rap music went mainstream. White guys sat in class with Asians and South Asians and paid a lot of attention to blacks and took apart the better looking boys with freckles.

We were told LGBT teens had the highest suicide rate.