Steven Spielberg Is A Stupid Bitch

1970s to 2000s: Everybody's Completely Brainwashed by Hollywood

Star Wars was about a guy who looked like a 14-year-old who was friends with two gay robots and in love with his sister.

With all of the AIDS homophobia of the 1980s it was shown to boys in grade 3 that went to poorer schools with 1rst generation Asians.

Star Wars and E.T.

E.T. being about a really ugly foreigner who can’t speak English so he befriends a boy to help him phone home.

Jaws is about how a family's day at the beach is destroyed by an existential threat when what destroyed the American family is Hollywood.

People stopped having kids when Mary Tyler Moore was a popular show. Schindler's List was timed to come out when the only (no brothers or sisters) children produced in the 1970s were graduating from high school. It also came out the same year as Philadelphia.

E.T. was banned from showing to kids under 12 in Scandinavian countries as censors felt that it caused children to mistrust adults and befriend strangers. Spielberg was banned from filming Indiana Jones in India as their government felt his screenplay was to racist towards them.