How Good Will CNN Be On The 20th?

I can only imagine...

"We would like to begin today's broadcast
by kindly asking our viewers to stop
calling in asking for Anderson Cooper.
No such person ever worked here.
Besides, it sounds like a made
up name."

"Yes: A made up name."

"Just like Bob Bill or John Doe
or Seth Rogen."

"In other news Rosie O'Donnell,
Charlie Sheen, and (clears
throat) Seth Rogen have decided
to take an indefinite vacation
on Baffin Island. Periodically,
their relatives will receive post
cards proving that they are all

"I believe before they left they were 
quoted as saying that they hope 
to do a lot of hard labour in 
an Arctic environment as 
they have grown tired of  
conventional holidays."

I was inspired to write this when I saw this pic on Montreal Simon's blog...

This blog post has been brought to you on behalf of Montreal Simon...