An Appeal To Have Rosie O'Donnell Gassed With Zyklon-B

When the Mongol conqueror Tamerlane invaded Turkey in 1400 he promised that if the city of Sivas surrendered there'd be no bloodshed. Keeping his word to the letter he had 3000 buried alive.

It is estimated that he ended up killing 5% of the world's population. Many others were, 'massacred on the battlefield, cemented into walls, sliced in two at the waist, trampled to death by horses, beheaded, or hanged

When Trump is inaugurated president on the 20th will he dispatch his enemies in the same merciless ways? The answer is: Probably.

After Russian hackers secured his election win it has become very prudent to say that Trump has the unanimous support of the American people. But somebody is so unwise as to openly criticize...

I'm not a Nazi but

After Trump invades Austria and annexes the Sudetenland, more lebensraum for the growing economy will be needed. Americans will have to cast away past excesses for the war effort. This includes people who are celebrities and you can't remember what they became famous for in the first place.

For other people I'd like to see gassed with Zyklon-B check out:

Seth Rogen

Charlie Sheen