One Day 1000s Of Dive Bombers And Panzer Tanks Will Descend On Toronto's Metro News!

Start The Nazi Party Of Canada To Get More Visibility For Your Blog!

As Kristen Thompson of Metro News looks for another sensationalist story to write about how ridiculous 'perceived white oppression' is

let's see what's happening at the Anti-Nazi ARC Collective's blog. Fighting the Nazis who want to gas millions of people in concentration camps in Poland became very important when the Mulroney government started flooding Canada with immigrants after the fall of communism in Europe.

This is what the boys at ARC masturbate over...

People were completely brainwashed. The most brainwashed of them were Neo Nazis.

Minorities weren't popular in grades 1 to 3. They become friends with kids who have green eyes or black hair and freckles.

Girls in grades 1 to 3 directly influence which boys become bestfriends with each other.

Boys with blue eyes, unusually good-looking boys, and boys who don't fit in are more inclined to have a bestfriend at an early age.

A lot of the guys who have gone on shooting sprees look like they belong at a Ron Paul convention.

Normal looking boys with dark hair and eyes with A-averages became increasingly conservative during repetitive Holocaust studies.

The TV show X-Files mimics the on again off again relationship of two popular kids in junior high school. It's a TV show about a bitch...

And an even bigger bitch...

In the final season they probably don't even get married: They end up going to different high schools.

Many of the kids who went to school with 1rst generation Asians weren't well-rounded. Watching TV and going on and on about people behind their back was to make up for missed childhood interaction.