Me Flirting With Warren Kinsella

A recent comment I left on Warren's blog. Will he publish it?

"Eugenics in Nazi Germany? That's a problem for you? How bout when AIDS killed 30 million and AIDS homophobia was downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair and freckles through rap suddenly going mainstream and repetitive Holocaust studies? Is that eugenics enough for you?

Of course 12-year-olds ask how Italy could have been on the side of the Germans seeing that Hitler wanted to take over the entire world and kill everyone who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes.

Let's run away together and start the Nazi Party of Canada. If we do that it will stimulate Muslims and Jews to get along together at York University.

Did you get those naked selfies I sent you? It's not gay for guys to exchange naked selfies. It's 2016."

Tomorrow Warren's going to show up here on a motorcycle. And Berlin's Take My Breath Away will be playing in the background.

If he doesn't my blog is suddenly going to turn into this...