Hello Ugly Hockey Sweater

"Hello Ugly Hockey Sweater: How goes
your devious plan to turn Warren
Kinsella into a homosexual?"

"Fantastic! He recently wrote this 
in his blog:

'Me? Well, I was always associated with gay rights. In high school in Calgary and afterwards, in fact, the majority of my punk-circle friends were gay, I went to gay bars, I wrote pro-gay editorials for school papers, and I even wore the pink triangle onstage with the Hot Nasties. My parents would later confess that they wondered if I was gay (I wasn’t, believe me).'

We are slowly but surely wearing him down."


"We also accused the school boards of
having been complicit in 

 This blog post has been brought to you on behalf of the fuckface bitches at the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center: When they can't find any real hate crimes they make stuff up.