Donald Sutherland: Rich Old Guy With Too Much White Entitlement Is Sorry Whites Do Racism

After the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the poorest boys that looked like Andy Dick and normal-looking boys with dark hair and freckles because they made friends with minorities first in order to brainwash people like Warren Kinsella into believing that richer kids that look like Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen make friends with minorities in grade 3, Donald Sutherland took time away from doing another Volvo commercial to claim that white people can't stop doing racism.

In the 1990s teachers at Cameron Heights, in Kitchener, Ontario, made the point of sending their kids to the whitest schools. Holocaust denial became an important issue while Canada began to fill with people from countries where they still have human slavery. Repetitive Holocaust studies were to convince students that the German public knew the Holocaust was happening and did nothing to prevent it while it is a historical fact that there were never any mass gassings of Jews within the borders of Germany proper.

What all-white rich kid school did Donald Sutherland send his kids to? Did they go to school with Justin Trudeau?