Lena Dunham Threatens To Gas Seth Rogen With Zyklon-B!

Before when I pointed out the obvious Cultural Marxist Conspiracy, where educators worked with Hollywood to mess with the developmental psychology of kids, I got torn apart: https://www.reddit.com/r/ThisIsNotASafeSpace/comments/3w4c7k/why_do_so_many_white_men_go_on_shooting_sprees/

But now Hillary supporter Lena Dunham has this to say...

All of this reminds me of the time the British aristocracy lulled poor Adolf Hitler into a false sense of security. They hoped that he'd protect them from a Stalinist takeover of Europe. But Stalin's now more popular than Obama in college lecture halls.

Lena Dunham Might be right. Some straight white males include:

-Seth Rogen

-Steven Spielberg

-Justin Trudeau

-The people behind America's industrial arms complex

-The people who prescribed drugs like Ritalin to the poorest kids starting in the 1980s.

-Justin Trudeau

-Thomas Mulcair

-Any other leftist politician who claimed that they were defending the rights of working class Canadians when really AIDS homophobia was being downloaded onto poorer kids through repetitive Holocaust studies.

-Justin Trudeau

-Brian Mulroney

-Bill Clinton

-Tiger Woods is out to date half the population of Sweden so he has to be included.

-Jian Ghomeshi, also

-And Justin Trudeau

It had been my previous plan to send these people back to Cuba or to a new colony in Madagascar. But since Lena Dunham is interested in extinction there are other methods to be discussed.

I get to be the one who tells Seth Rogen before he gets on the flight to Madagascar that he needs to be deloused from fleas that carry typhus.

In 1940 the Nazis were terrified of an outbreak.