Guys Who Look Like They Would Have Been Gassed By The Nazis In One Of Spielberg's Films Blow Up Synagogue!

Anthony Graziano and Aakash Dalal...

A 24-year-old Indian man and his Italian co-defendant threw a Molotov Cocktail at New Jersey Synagogues in 2011, one which blackened the door, and another which burned a hole in a rug. Nobody was hurt in any of these attacks but they were convicted with a 9/11 terrorism law that carries a minimum of 30 years to life in prison.

...After all of the homophobia AIDS created how did Canada get gay positive by flooding the country with immigrants and going on and on about Hitler?

Girls in grade 3 don't like the colour black and they hate boys. They'd force Graziano and Dalal to become best friends with boys with dark hair, green eyes and freckles. They, themselves, wouldn't remember that because they'd be paying attention to better looking kids.

Later, with all of the political correctness in school, normal looking kids would have subconscious contempt for better looking boys with freckles as they had made friends with minorities first. They 'paid it forward' and often found it amusing when fat guys acted gay.

How many skinny boys with dark hair and freckles did Hollywood and the school boards kill so people could make ginger jokes?

In the 1990s it wasn't common knowledge that the guy who started WW2, Winston Churchill, was a redhead or that many of the Jews that died of typhus as a result of Allied saturation bombing were also ginger.

Winston Churchill as a young man...

Adolf Hitler...