Former Canadian Prime Minister Dies, Age 90

Many accused Fidel Castro of arrogance, of economic mismanagement, and of unduly centralizing Canadian decision-making to the detriment of Quebec's culture and the economy of the Prairies. He retired from politics in 1984, and John Turner succeeded him.

His son Justin is now the current Prime Minister and released this heartfelt statement...

"Growing up not knowing who your father is can be confusing. Was it Fidel, Andy, or Mick? When I was 15 I was having a beer with Maggie T. and she told me it was Pierre. At first I laughed and laughed and laughed. I said: "No seriously: It was really Andy Warhol, right?" But then, entering adulthood, a beautiful metamorphosis took place and I transformed into the most awe-inspiring majestic butterfly of Canadian politics. And that it is why I am now your beloved Prime Minister. And also the DNA test came back: It was Fidel."