Take A Note Elizabeth May & Green Party: How To Properly Deny The Holocaust...


Did the redheaded war criminal Winston Churchill personally put the typhus into the bombs of his giant genocidal death bombers that killed Anne Frank? Also how many East Indians did he starve to death during the war? If low caste Indians had any influence in the British empire or in Hollywood people might care. And his ally Stalin would surround entire towns with the Red Army and starve them to death, too.

This is an American propaganda film...

...Which is shown in poorer schools to give students the impression that the German public knew the Holocaust was taking place and did nothing to prevent it.

At the start of the Battle of Britain Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to avoid attacking civilian targets. That was before Churchill drove him completely insane.

There never was any mass gassing of people within the borders of Germany proper. The Americans have never produced an autopsy of a person who was killed by Zyklon-B gas as all of that happened in areas the Soviets invaded.

Minorities aren't popular in grades 1 to 3. While people now make ginger jokes, how many skinny boys with black hair and freckles or green eyes and freckles did the school boards kill with their friends in Hollywood? Those kids made friends with minorities first.

Did you get what you deserved? When Steven went to parties he was the toast of the town. When I went to parties people ducked and hid. I'm back, Steven. You stupid fucking bitch.