I Hereby Deny Certain Aspects Of The Holocaust

Good morning.

It's 7 am. Anne Frank died of typhus as a result of Allied saturation bombing. It's a documented fact. The weather is cloudy. The Americans lied about mass gassings at Dachau. It's true: You can look it up. It's 5·C

" It was not a death camp for the genocide of the Jews, although there were Jewish prisoners at Dachau...Many of the Dachau prisoners, including Jews, were released after serving an indeterminate sentence."

After 30 million died of AIDS and the suicide and depravity it's homophobia caused, educators should have gotten their facts straight. Holocaust studies is important for convincing minorities who hung around with the poorest boys with black hair and freckles that boys that looked like Justin Bieber were their friends in grade 3.

And if you looked like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen when you were a kid remember that the Asians never liked you in grade 1 because they were all attracted to the boy who looked like this...

Or if they have him in blond.

That bitch Spielberg could come out with, 'Empire of the Sun,' to convince you otherwise but it's not true.

Adolf Eichmann never picked up a gun
and killed anybody. Neither did
Ontario's teachers.