Warren Kinsella Thinks It's Too Soon To Discuss The Elimination Of Poland

In the 1990s I learned from the Sarah Polley movie, 'White Lies,' that once you begin questioning things you fall down a trap and the next thing that happens you're drinking beer at Ernst Zundel's house.

Fortunately I have a short attention span.

This is the most recent comment I left on Warren's blog...

"Did you know that Poland still exists? With your help we can make it stop. For the price of a small cup of coffee a day we'll invest in Panzer tanks and dive bombers. Call now. Our operators are standing by: 1-800-BLITZ-OUF-POLAND"

It turns out he did not end up publishing it.

After the school boards and Hollwood worked together to control the rise and fall of LGBT, killing more than Stalin, the only solution that I see is the destruction of Poland.

Whether Warren Kinsella likes it or not I will one day meet him in a boxcar. I'll be wearing a snappy black uniform and we'll discuss our dual invasion of Poland. I'll take back the Prussian parts while he can have the East.

"Shloime Bishinsky, a latecomer to the group, was an interesting case. Slight, droopy, seemingly the most mild of men, he was a fur dryer cursed with catarrh, a hazard of his trade. When Poland was about to be partitioned, he was caught in Byalistock, in the Russian zone. More politically informed aunts and cousins fled to the other zone. They knew, say what you like, that the Germans were a civilized people." - 'Soloman Gursky Was Here,' Mordecai Richler