The Nazi Scene In Kitchener, Ontario

After having put up with too many micro aggressions for having red hair I have officially launched the 'Racist Pro-Hitler Nazi Party of Kitchener, Ontario.'

I was inspired by the 1990s CBC movie, 'White Lies,' and how men act the way they do because they are tormented by liberal bitches like Sarah Polley and Heather Mallick from grades 1 to 3.

Since AIDS killed 30 million and all of the homophobia it created was downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair/freckles we plan to gain power through the democratic process, put Cultural Marxists, Hollywood Jews, and educators on trial and then gas them with Zyklon-B. After all, at this point, they've killed more than Joseph Stalin.

To avoid being charged by the Human Rights Commission or being infiltrated by CSIS we are hoping Warren Kinsella will arrive and assume leadership of the party.

We are also looking for a black person in Michigan to start the 'Black People's Nazi Party of Detroit,' seeing what's happened there over the past 30 years.

This is the leader of Toronto's newest Nazi party...

When you go to elementary school with Asians this guy fits in too well to make friends with minorities.

Also this guy...

Today I'm driving around Kitchener yelling at Portuguese, South Asians and Arabs, "Get off my land: This is my land. There's no Indian settlement here 300 years ago. Even if there was you're not Native. It's in Brantford. Germans who didn't want to be drafted into the army bought a swamp and irrigated it. Jamaican immigrants moved here in the 1970s: Not to British Guelph."

Also minorities were more racist and homophobic than white kids. This is how #POC got started. Watch 'South Park:' It's all in there...