Ontario's Fuckface #OSSTF Teachers + Warren Kinsella

Ontario Teachers!

Remember this?....

High school year books at my school were all in black and white because of boys like this...

He has a very perfect complexion. Girls in grade 2 would love him and torment boys that don't fit in because of it.

After going to high school with Asians and growing up watching TV exactly how many boys that look like this were you best friends with? Was there even one in your grade 3 class? Or in grade 8?

This is a kid who's unracist because he doesn't have freckles and therefore doesn't have anything to compensate for. He's also genetically related to Arabs/East Indians and Asian kids because they'd envy him and white people wouldn't notice because the white people would be fixated on how when you flood the country with third world immigrants the redheads start to look like taller Justin Bieber's with ginger hair.

Fuck you Warren Kinsella. Fuck you. I could have had the option in the 1990s of joining the Heritage Front or the Reform Party but that would have put me in closer contact with people who have respect for an Iranian like Jian Ghomeshi. 

As the fuckfaces who write for Salon ask what's with all of the white kids going on shooting sprees the Cultural Marxists know that mass immigration and Multiculturalism marginalizes people. Here are two guys who fit in and thought that redheads were gay and never had a coffee with a blond guy who's better looking than them...

OK. So fine: The school boards finally got one of the gay redheads to go on a shooting spree. 

It might be dyed.

Wikipedia states that Anne Frank died of typhus. A result of the hellfire that the guy who started WW2, Winston Churchill, rained down upon Germany. In the 1990s it wasn't common knowledge that Churchill had red hair like the theater shooter.

If you're still reading this, Warren Kinsella, we should get together to start a new political party. For what they did in Berlin in 1945 we could lobby to have Spielberg and some educators put on trial and then gas them with Zyklon-B (it has other uses aside from delousing Anne Frank of the lice that was spread throughout camps because of the saturation bombing). 

Rick Mercer and Heather Mallick wanted to end redhead gay teen suicide. So it's a win-win situation for everyone.