Hollywood And The School Boards Got Goth Kids Raped!

Ever wonder what happened to that 12-year-old kid from a poor family that looked exactly like Justin Bieber but with black hair, pale skin, and freckles?

He entered high school and the demographics changed around him. For example kids who had gone to school with Asians were now cool and heterosexual because they were suddenly sitting in class with blacks.

Because of the popularity of the movie, 'Lost Boys,' he dressed up in black in middle school and the popular kids thought he was funny. Now those kids were gone and he got torn apart by multiple groups of people.

After growing up watching TV people thought things work in unison with each other. Instead there are different groups who either don't know each other or are indifferent to each other.

The movies E.T. and Indiana Jones caused kids (especially girls) to lash out at Sikhs and dark people who couldn't speak English.

After having been tormented by girls in grade 3 a large 18-year-old with a dark complexion and an A-average moved in on the boy as he was going crazy.

The 18-year-old was usually a South Asian and was acting on impulse. It was an extension of his childhood developmental psychology.

The school boards had to create gay positive doctors and computer science majors to show the public mass immigration worked.

The two, had they been the same age, would have been friends with each other from grades 1 to 3 as they were both tormented by girls.

Repressed memories.

The TV show, 'X-Files,' mimics the on again off again relationship of two popular kids from grades 5 to 8.

North Americans are completely brainwashed.