Who Else Would Have Had Margaret Atwood Shot?

I was recently at a McDonald's where I was unfortunate enough to see a copy of the Toronto Star.

The Star's current business model is to deliver bundles of their paper to every McDonald's around so that they can continue to say that they are the most widely read newspaper in Canada.

In it I saw an article entitled: "Margaret Atwood on bathhouse raids and LGBTQ history." 

After reading this I was even further entrenched with how awful Atwood is. There is only one Margaret in Canadian literature and her name is Margaret Laurence.

And she could have drunk Atwood under the table, too.

The only two things that stood out in the article is where Atwood claims that she's not gay and that Hitler would have had her shot.

Hitler. There we go again...

To add some balance to history here is a list of other people that would most likely have had Margaret Atwood shot...

Joseph Stalin

Mao Zedong

Ted Kennedy

Nicolae Ceaușescu

Jeffrey Dahmer

Ringo Starr