How America Got Gay: Brainwashed By AIDS Homophobia And Arsenio Hall

I keep hearing the 1950s being referred to as homophobic. At that time the idea that 90% of men were straight and 10% gay hadn't taken off.

In the 1980s a flu like disease was killing homosexuals. People didn't want to use public washrooms. Then 1990 came and Seinfeld and this was on TV...

And, while there were no openly gay teens around, males started dancing with each other...

Coincidence? Coincidence that 1970 was the first year that you'd see gay men on TV in a progressive light? And coincidence that in 1990, after all of the homophobia AIDS created, blacks were suddenly very cool and very masculine?

If you have contempt for somebody because they're a loser you're not doing anything wrong. As high school was increasingly about Hitler/Holocaust people took apart better looking guys as they wanted to sit in class with pretty blond women and Asians - Often it was a fat guy who came out of the closet first and he did so going on and on about somebody else.

From 1987 to 1997 the drug addicts got younger and better looking. The only thing school is good at is producing Asian computer engineers and South Asian doctors. With AIDS, crack heads, teen suicide it looks like the Cultural Marxists have killed more than Stalin.