Hitler Was Out To Kill Everyone!

Checking the traffic sources for this blog I saw that someone got here by googling, "Would Hitler kill people with freckles?"

The answer to that question is yes.

In his speech in 1930 Hitler started shouting, "I'm going to take over the entire world. After I invade America I'm going to kill the blacks and the Indians. And then people with freckles," as his mouth foamed.

Today I'm one step closer to joining the Nazi Party of America.

How many unattractive East Indian girls did the school boards and Spielberg kill for PrideTO and to create guys like Jian Ghomeshi? Lots. How many East Indian girls did Hitler kill? 0.

If you were an East Indian in Nazi Germany the SS would have come and taken you away and put you into an SS uniform.

In other news is the EU going to start Holocausting people who question the number of Jews who died of typhus after Churchill unleashed fire and brimstone upon Germany after Britain's ally Stalin invaded Finland and Poland?