The Nazi Scene In Toronto

I stopped watching Newsworld over 2 years ago. I now get all of my news from Reddit, Voat, and Twitter. But I think I have a good read as to what's going on in TO right now.

To the dismay of many Rick Mercer is still employed at the CBC. I think what he does there is that he spends the entire day touching other men. But he is an equal opportunity toucher.

The CBC let Jian Ghomeshi go when it became apparent that Ghomeshi only liked white women which is in direct violation of the CBC's employment standards. To the chagrin of Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman Ghomeshi started the New Constitution Party of Canada. Kinsella probably took out his banjo or whatever musical instrument it is he plays and strummed some tunes from the '60s in protest.

My analysis of the situation is that the leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada is less vain and more coherent than Justin Trudeau.

But why does America get all of the good Nazis?