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#EDU Spent Years Killing Students To Create The Idea That When You Flood Canada With The 3rd World Vibrancy Happens...


I'm not even sure what you're arguing for. Is it that blacks were over prescribed Ritalin? Or that white guys don't fit in anymore? Or that the Holocaust was somehow leveraged into making white kids not hang out with black kids? Where does AIDS play into this? Also, the Holocaust happened in the 1940s yet segregation remained (at least in the USA) until well into the 1970s. I think you're combining to many happenings into one idea, but I'm not sure what that idea is.


In grade 1 to 3 girls torment boys who don't fit in. The girls only like skinny, perfect looking boys who have blond hair or blue eyes. They hate fat, dark complexions, and boys with freckles.

I went to high school in the 1990s. After all of the homophobia AIDS created TV shows like Seinfeld depicted openly gay men in a world with no homophobia. We unlearned racism by going on about Holocaust denial. Hitler was a mad man who scapegoated the Jews because he wanted to take over Europe and kill everyone who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes. The German public knew that the Holocaust was happening and did nothing to prevent it.

Did any Asians or East Indians envy perfect looking skinny blond guys? Did anyone care?

Pretty women are generally anti-racist and not into bullying. It's because they tormented boys in grades 2 and 3 and forgot they did that. Normal looking white guys with dark hair fit in wherever they go. They became increasingly Conservative. In America the Ron Paul supporters wanted to sit in easy bird classes with pretty blond girls, fat guys, and Asians. The white guys were more interested in other white guys and so were many of the minorities.

In 1995 the school board had a serious problem of getting high achieving Asians to hang around with blacks. POC was formed by minorities singling out an individual and going on and on about how they were gay. They left the ugliest students alone. The school boards and Hollywood controlled the rise and fall of the gay community.