Teachers Know A Thing Or Two About Having Too Much Privilege

Here's a headline...

Thursday marked the start of the Annual White Privilege Conference and this year’s theme is “Let Freedom Ring, Re-Imagining Equality and Social Justice in the United States.

The annual event is aimed at promoting the theory of White Privilege – that American society is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way to fix the system is for white people to acknowledge their immense “privilege” and repent.

It is a difficult proposition to make: that Ontario’s teachers, as a collective, are hard up. Their pension fund, according to figures from last year, reaches over $154 Billion — with a B — dollars, and has an investment portfolio that in its range and value makes Donald Trump look like a gaudy pauper. Indeed, $154 Billion is the kind of sum we normally associate with the dandies of Silicon Valley, the owners of Apple and Facebook, or with the oil-drenched oligarchs and hereditary plutocrats of some Middle Eastern countries. The funds net a commendable near 10 per cent average return which comes to approximately $15 Billion.