Scientists To Turn White Kids Unracist!

Here's an important headline...

When I write posts about how everybody was completely brainwashed by educators and the media in terms of homosexuality and everything about childhood developmental psychology being supressed, some people say I need to see a psychiatrist. But that's OK: If I made the argument in the 1990s that Steven Urkel was part of a Zionist plot I would have been institutionalized. But today I can. And today it's called Cultural Marxism as not to sound too anti-semitic.

So scientists are working hard to find ways to prevent white kids from doing racism.

Let's say you have two boys who are in grade 1. Both are thin, good-looking kids. One is Leonardo DiCaprio and the other is Charlie Sheen.

DiCaprio has blond hair and Sheen has black hair.

There grade 1 class is in Japan. All of the other kids around them are Asian.

Who do you think captures more attention from the other kids? Is it DiCaprio or Sheen?

Who knows? Who cares? When you were in grades 1 to 3 you probably made friends with people based on your vibrant personality.

Kids like cartoons. Humans are attracted to the color gold. Maybe Japanese kids are racist because little kids don't like the color black.

People saw Jian Ghomeshi on TV and knew that he learned to be gay positive and like black people because white kids are so racist and homophobic. Almost all of the blacks at my high school were kept in remedial for some reason.

When Rahim Jaffer does coke and goes to a strip club does he like white women? Fidel Castro had a reputation for being a ladies man: There are a lot of black people in Cuba; somehow I think Fidel never had a relationship with any of them.

In this day and age at least sometimes the media writes articles admitting that their screwing with developmental psychology so white kids can unlearn racism.

There aren't many redheads around. There never were. People unlearned racism by getting worked up over the Holocaust and now I've seen three different studies saying that redheads are going extinct. The most recent one said that climate change is the culprit.

Within the next 20 years whites will be a minority in Ontario. Did you know things like blond hair are some of those strong genes because people like blond hair? When we all mix and keep mixing there'll probably be even more blond hair.

When I graduated from high school the valedictorian (the person with the highest average) was a fat guy who was covered with boils, with brown hair and greenish eyes. He had a huge temper. Irrational, he was a member of the Ontario Liberal Party and an Ontario separatist. He went to the local university. I had a friend named Shane: Shane was a normal looking guy with black hair, green eyes, and fading freckles-Shane moved to Sudbury, Ontario. Had Shane been in remedial he'd probably be dead right now.

I have a friend named Jeff. If Justin Bieber was taller and had blue eyes (and freckles) he'd look like Jeff. Jeff was in remedial: He dropped out of school twice and became a crack head. I run in to Jeff from time to time when I'm in Kitchener. I had a friend who was a Native football player: He went away to college and then came back to KW to become a crackhead. I had a friend who looked like Mathew Sheppard: When I was in university he had joined a monastery. Etc.